Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dreams of Africa and saying Hello Again to Old Blue Eyes

Hi everyone!

I know that I kind of dropped off the viral planet but I have been working and therefore like most artists have avoided the part about self promotion for awhile.  I ran out of a specific glass today for a specific piece which put things at a halt so here I am!

I am currently working on a "24 x 24" piece of Zebras.  I have never been to Africa but I have had 2 intense dreams telling me that I had to go.  One was 20 years ago.  In my dream a friend and I were in a bar  (which at the time wasn't a far stretch)  He just looked up at me and said "You need to go to Madagascar"  I replied "Where is that?"  He pulled out his wallet where he had a bunch of maps that unfolded in the place of where the pictures should go. He pulled out a pointer and pointed to a map.  My friend then looked up at me with urgency and said  "You have to go"  BAM!  I woke up one of those sit right up.... wide awake.... wake ups.  I  said out loud to no one "Where the hell is Madagascar???"  I knew it was in Africa but I wasn't quite sure where.  Back then they didn't have Internet...(how the hell did we deal without immediate gratification of our every question?)  So I looked it up and read about it.  To  this day I still have never gone to Madagascar or Africa but in some way it is dear to my heart and is definately on my bucket list.

My 2nd dream came just last week.  This dream wasn't as intense. I saw zebras and a sunset. It was one of those dreams that you don't remember what happened. However, it was beautiful and peaceful and that I remember.  I woke up and sketched out some zebras and hopefully the sunset will come out ok too.  I usually have an idea or 2 of what I will title a piece I am working on. Typically I name it when it is grouted, shined and polished .  That is when "Walla" a name comes crystal clear in my mind.  This piece of the zebras is the only piece that I knew it's name from the beginning I started to sketch.  "I dreamt of Africa" 

Zebras are a mosaic artist's dream!!  The incredible pattern is right there layed out for you. Divine Design by Mother Nature.   I'm pretty sure that a giraffe is in my near future as well.  I get giddy just thinking about it.

This is my 2nd attempt at animals.  The 1st I just finished ..."Old Blue Eyes"  It is of a Husky that we had who wasn't very old.  He was 8 and died in an avalanche.  Most people will say OMG!  But ya' know it's way better of a story than the old "we had to put him/her down"  That story sucks!  But Cody?  He was having the time of his life!  My husband and I were care takers of a silver mine in Boulder County Colorado at 10,400 ft.  We had 4 dogs at the time 2 of which were wolf hybrids, Cody a purebred Siberian husky, and an Elk hound.  It was a dream come true for dogs that like to run and ours were born to run.  There was no amount of training that would change that.  We had them contained but Cody aka Codini was a master at getting out of anything.  Sometimes he would even get free, come find you and stand far enough away so that you knew he got out but you couldn't catch him. He would then take off happily running and leave you there with the anger of being one upped by a dog. Anyways...Cody I'm sure was having a blast chasing something.  He came up missing in March and we found him in May when it started to melt.  That was a sad day but I have years of good memories.  It was fun to pull out an old photo of him and do a mosaic.  It was great "spending some time" with him again. ....And yes...his eyes really were that blue.

These pieces are very meaningful to me but I am selling both of them.  I realize that every piece has to really mean something to me for it to connect to someone else.

Well Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me.  I must get back to work .... maybe I'll go start on that giraffe while I wait for UPS to deliver my glass......

Please continue to scroll down for the pictures.....

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